Live from the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame


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This album was recorded live (02/12/15) at the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame (Line Street - Charleston, SC)

It includes intimate versions of 8 songs from SUSTO's debut self titled album & features several special guest appearances by friends & collaborators.

It is released April 1, 2015 to mark the one year anniversary of SUSTO's debut release.


released April 1, 2015

Justin Osborne: Vocals & Guitar
Johnny Delaware: Guitar & Vocals
Corey Campbell: Guitar & Vocals
Ben Bridwell: Vocals
Matt Lohan: Vocals
Jordan Igoe: Vocals

Engineered & Mixed by Steven Walker

Album Cover: Photo taken by Bailey Bial



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SUSTO Charleston, South Carolina

Music From America


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Track Name: Friends, Lovers, Ex-lovers…whatever
I knew you for a long time, it was a long long time ago. You lived in the apartment downstairs but I was upstairs too...well i don't want to go back there and I'm sure neither do you because you know its true you get old and you get on.

Friends, Lovers, ex-Lovers, or whatever...I hope you know I always care. Friends, Lovers, ex-Lovers or my name and I'll be there.

I think it was December, but I really don't remember; it came to a head in February. I told you I don't want to go back there, I'd rather not but I just forgot that I always do.
Track Name: Black Jesus
Sometimes I talk to my parents and they say they don't think they know me anymore. But when I talk to my brothers they say "man, how you doing?" I sit with my granddad and he says "Hey J can you light this one up for me?" Then I sit by myself and thats when I start to see it all.

I saw my messiah on a mountain top looking down at the people below. He said "hey y'all don't you get caught up in the things that come and go." We said "Come on black Jesus, c'mon!"

I found out on my birthday, my boss he's closing the place down. I'm gonna be alright you know, I'll find something else.
Track Name: County Line
Your bra tan bright in the windshield light. Your little mouth was moving just right. Speaking of when, I burned your granddad's boat shed down at the county line.

My county line ain't far from yours, don't want to lay laws down at your door. Don't need to waste all these wonder years for a county line.

I drank my fill but I lost my mind, your long blue dress and your wandering eyes. I've been thinking of when we went stumbling to your house in the middle of the night.

My county line ain't far from yours, don't need to lay laws down at your door. Don't want to waste all these wonder years for a county line.
Track Name: Acid Boys
Take me to the train track, get me there tonight. I've got to bust out of town, somebodies waiting underneath the city light waiting for to shoot me down; I don't want to die here...not now.

I've been running with the Acid Boys, "ooin' in the bites" doing what can to survive now. Nobody's got money but nobody really cares because everyones just hanging on. I don't want to lay down slow and leave. You don't want to love anyone or anything.

You don't know nothing about nothing now everything's getting you down. Life isn't what it was supposed to be but that's just how it is now...

My street is like a battlefield, shotguns at my chest; I was just walking down to see what the noise was. They put me in handcuffs, slide me in the backseat of a cop car, and tell me I should go home. Well, home has come and left. I'm not blind but I think I might be deaf.

Because I don't know nothing about nothing but everything is bringing me down. Somethings got to give, somebody has to get out of town.

You can say it loud, you can say it real loud indeed. You can tell me that you don't want to stay, you can tell me that there's somebody else in your life now...thats alright.

Take me to the train tracks and get me out of town, I've got to bust out tonight.Somebody's hanging around trying to shoot me down, hiding out in the city lights. I don't want to die here...not now.
Track Name: La Mia
I can feel another one coming on, I saw it in your eyes and now I feel it in my bones. Have you ever felt this way? I can feel it now but I don't know how to say it.

We were talking in the cab and talking in the streets; do you not mind it when I tell you have I feel? Can I see you sometime soon? I can't get my mind off of a feeling and I can't keep my eyes off of you.

I've been drinking my fill tonight and counting my time, but suddenly I'm lost now here in the maquina lights. So you don't mind that I'm a little older than you? Can I get one last smile and a cigarette too?

Say that you don't have to go away to Varadero, I would love to have you here. There's not much time, you know, before I have to go back to where I'm from.
Track Name: Black River Gospel
Way down in Black River where my family is from, they've been working on a building thats going to outlast the sun; they've been laying bricks every time Sunday morning comes, singing songs about faith and salvation. They say:

"We're are pilgrims, we're all strangers, and in this land we are just traveling through. Oh so do lord, won't you remember me, do lord, (the believing boy in that Southern Methodist pew) when I'm way beyond the blue"

My brothers, me, and my cousins had an early theological start, learning those black river gospel hymns and singing them all by heart; we were up on stage like a sacrifice to God. That's the price you pay, when you grow up in the South.

But when I was a young man, Black River I did leave. The spirit of the open country started calling to me so I set out across the continent with my friends; oh Black River I don't think that I could do it again. I know now that all good things must come to an end.
Track Name: Dream Girl
Lately I've been having the strangest dreams where I'm being held in the arms of a naked woman. Well, I don't know her even if she knows me and when I look up to see her I see something gruesome, she's gonna eat me alive...with my skin in her teeth and my blood on her blue eyes.

I don't know why I can't find a lover, one that I like, one that really feels like home. I'll say goodbye to my daddy and my mother, to all my friends and my three baby brothers (I'm gone). I can't stay here no more.

When I'm awake you know I see her in the streets, she's not the one that I want but she's the one that wants me. I get so scared because I see her all the time with her long black hair and those bloody blue eyes.

Where you from? Where've you gone to with my love?
Track Name: Smoking Outside
Ashley's smoking a bong, its a tuesday night for Rock and Roll. Black leather pants on, its a tuesday night for rock and roll. And I tell her all the time, we can rock and roll any day. Yeah I tell her all the time, "lets keep it to once a day." She says "This is a great song, I love you right now, it feels better out here than it did inside.

She's softly learning to sing, its a tuesday night for rock and roll. She's a hieroglyph on guitar strings, a tuesday night for rock and roll.